Why it’s Important to Detail Your Car

Detailing your carDo you know that detailing your car is important for maintenance. We are going to shift gears for the topic of today and talk about other types of maintenance for your vehicle.

Every inch of your vehicle is important from the tires to the paint. It is just as tedious to maintain the paint and interior of your vehicle as it is to maintain everything that makes it drive and stop.

Certain materials have a special formulation for certain parts of your vehicle. For instance you should not use a rim cleaner to wash the body of your vehicle.

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Another Type of Maintenance

All maintenance is important when dealing with your vehicle. Instead of talking about maintenance under the hood and car lets shift gears and talk about other maintenance.

There is maintenance that can be done on the interior of your vehicle that should not be overlooked. There is also maintenance on the paint of your vehicle that should be taken into consideration as well.

Maintenance on the body of your vehicle should be done often to keep the paint from getting damaged. This can be done by keeping your car washed and waxed.

Maintaining the interior of your vehicle is as simple as keeping the dust out much like how you would dust your living room furniture. There are special formulas for the interior of your vehicle depending on what options your vehicle came with from the factory.

Maintaining The Paint

The paint on your car is another thing that needs to be maintained. Driving will cause your vehicle to get dirty, this dirt can scratch the paint if not washed off.

There are two main ways that you can wash your vehicle.

One way will cause the paint to have swirl marks (micro scratches in the body of the vehicle) over time. This way is to run your vehicle through an automated car wash where the brushes are never cleaned off.

Swirl MarksThe other way is to wash your car yourself. I understand that Washing your car yourself requires time and effort and is especially hard if you work all day.

Washing your vehicle by hand leaves a special sense of accomplishment in the mind because you feel like you were productive. Only issue is that it requires time that you probably don’t have in your day.

During the summer the clear coat on your vehicles paint heats up and becomes softer and dirt can become embedded and trapped as the clear coat cools off. This will cause micro scratches in the paint job of your vehicle.

When a vehicles paint becomes scratched, it requires correction to prevent the bare metal under the scratch from corroding from the elements. Paint correction can be done with a touch-up paint pen or by buffing out the scratch.

Some scratches can be prevented with the right cleaning supplies when you wash your vehicle yourself. These supplies can be anywhere from a car wash soap to a clay bar (a bar used to clean the surface of your vehicle deeper than a conventional car wash).

A clay bar is used to clean dirt off of the surface to give the paint a smoother feel to the touch. These bars pick up dirt off the vehicle that cannot be seen by the naked eye.Clay bar

When clay baring your vehicle, be sure to not let the clay bar touch the ground. Should the clay bar touch the ground it will become defective and will scratch your vehicles paint, because of the dirt it pick up from the ground.

After the clay bar is applied the vehicle needs a protective coat of wax. Wax can be applied by a couple of methods but the most common way is to use a microfiber cloth for application.

Keeping up the Interior

Do you live near the beach or have been to the beach recently? Does your pet accompany you in your travels?

The interior of a vehicle is just as important as the exterior. Cleaning the interior can be a struggle when you can’t get sand and fur out of the carpet.

Firstly, there are some cleaners that are formulated for specific interior options (leather, cloth, or vinyl). Secondly, there are special cleaners for the carpets or floor boards of your vehicle.

Finally, there are special cleaners for the dash and consoles for your vehicle. Each cleaner does a special job and is formulated differently for each task inside your car.

There are two chemicals that you can use to clean leather, A cleaner and a conditioner.  A leather cleaner cleans the leather restoring it to its original shine, and a leather conditioner helps to keep the leather looking like new for longer.

Vinyl is different than leather in composition. Cleaning vinyl in your car uses the same cleaner and conditioner that leather uses. The same cleaning chemicals are used for leather and vinyl.

Cloth seats are a different story. There is a special spray that uses the same chemicals as shampooing the carpets in your house. Using a hard bristled brush and some elbow grease combined with the cleaner the cloth will become cleaner. You may have to repeat the process until the stains come out.

When it comes to sand and/or fur in your vehicle it can be a pain to clean up. The trick is to go over the dirt with a vacuum until the carpet is sand and fur free.

If you have lighter colored carpets and notice they are stained, instead of replacing the carpet in your vehicle clean it with a special cleaning solution formulated for cleaning carpets. It is best to use a in home carpet cleaner with the tool to suck up the fluid after you are done.

Just repeat these steps until the carpet is clean.

Cleaning the dash and other plastics around the interior can be cleaned with certain wipes. These wipes are much like the wipes that you can use around the house to clean. Use the wipes or a plastic cleaning spray to recondition the interior plastics.

So in Conclusion…

Maintaining a vehicle is more than just keeping it running, driving, and stopping efficiently. As we have discussed, there is maintenance that can be done on the interior and the exterior of your vehicle.

This maintenance is called detailing your car. Maintenance like this is tedious but well worth the end result.

Always check with your professional detailing shop for the right product to use for your vehicle.

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