Tire Separations and Blowouts

Car Tire

Have you ever seen a tire blowout? Did a tire blow out happen to you at one point in time? Did you have someone working on your vehicle tell you that your tires are separated and needs to be replaced? These things do happen in world around you. Some tires become separated over time, and … Read more

All Tire Ratings – How to Decipher Your Tires

Stacked Tires

Do you know that all tire ratings are important? Have ever been in the market to buy tires? If so, then you have probably been asked several questions that you didn’t know the answers to. Questions like what is the size tire you want or is there a specific rating that you are looking for. … Read more

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Hi everyone at Welcome to Tire Automotive I pride myself in providing excellent quality information about everything that has to do with tires and automotive related articles. As an automotive technician, I have worked on many makes and models of vehicles. My goal is to educate the automotive world for the future to come. Why … Read more

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