5 Best Passenger Tires For Winter Driving That You Need Now!!

5 Best Passenger Tires For Winter Driving That You Need Now!!

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Best Tires Winter Driving

As you know winter is vastly approaching and it is time to start getting your car ready starting with tires. The best tires for winter driving are all opinions of the driver, I will be giving a few experiences from the tires I used in the past as well as professional advice.

When it comes to driving in the snow there are some tires that should be taken into consideration. The tires listed here are the best on the market for snow and ice.

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The tires listed will be all season tires so you do not have to change them out at the end of the winter season. If you choose to have winter tires put on your vehicle that is your choice, I would prefer to have an all season tire as to not have to spend more time with my car in a shop than needed.

All prices and sizes of tires vary depending on the vehicle. No prices are set stone until you look up the tires for your vehicle.

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What is an All-Season Radial Tire

An all-season radial tire is a tire that can be used in all weather. While these tires can be used in all weather conditions, they provide a more comfortable and quiet ride while driving.

All-season tires often last more miles than that of the summer or winter tires. Some of the tires can have a hard rubber compound which can have a longer tread life, while others will have a softer rubber compound which won’t have a good tread life.

There are a few exceptions to these tires that will have a soft rubber compound but long tread life, or hard rubber compound with a short tread life.

With a host of benefits to back up the all-season tires, their main focus is the tread design that helps move water away from the tires underside. They can also be used on vehicles ranging from cars to half-ton pickup trucks.

However, these tires are not as effective in temperatures below fourty degrees.

All season tires are more for the drivers that live in areas that do not have significant snowfall every year, such as the middle of the United States and further south.
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What is a Winter Tire Anyway

Winter tires are designed to work in temperatures below fourty degrees because of a more flexible rubber compound that allows them to continuously grip in frigid weather.

These tires can bite into the snow because of a more aggressive tread pattern, and provide better ice traction than all season tires. Many winter tires allow for the installation of metal studs to further increase slip prevention.

Winter tires are better for drivers that live where significant snowfall often happens and the temperatures are well below the fourty degree mark.
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Michelin Pilot Sport All-SeasonMichelin Pilot Sport

Manufacture: Michelin Tire

Model: Pilot® Sport A/S 3+

Price: $$$$$

Rating:45,000 Miles

Size: Sizes vary based on vehicle


  • Offers better contact with the road in any weather.
  • Suitable for cold weather.
  • Suitable for rainy weather.
  • Offers better traction and control.
  • Made from a good compound.


  • Not suitable for heavy vehicles.

Some people will think a tire is a just a tire and nothing special as long as it gets the job done, but to others it is more than a simple thing. Driving can be a passion to most people, that being said they will want a tire that can perform well in all seasons.

The Michelin Pilot® Sport A/S 3+ all-season tire is a good choice for those drivers, being one of the most top rated tires offered by Michelin.

Driving with this tire will give you exact cornering control with a variable contact that spreads cornering pressure over the whole of the tread of the tire.

With wet conditions, the groves in the tires’ tread help to prevent hydroplaning by moving water away from the tire. That is to say, with the groves in the tire provide more grip in the wet conditions using large rain groves and 3-D sipes.

Even in little snow and ice conditions this tire gives traction. That is to say, with an advanced Helio+ technology these tires stick in the cold. As an added bonus the edges of the tire grab loose snow for faster starts and stops.


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Hankook Ventus V2 All WeatherHankook Ventus V2

Manufacture: Hankook Tire

Model: Ventus V2 concept2 (H457)

Price: $$$

Rating: 45,000 miles

Size: Sizes vary based on vehicle


  • Suitable in any Condition.
  • Offers good grip in any condition.
  • Offers high performance.
  • Made from a high-quality compound
  • Offers better control.
  • Very Affordable.



  • Not suitable for muddy conditions.

Every tire company has all levels of tires. The Hankook Ventus V2 is no exception to this fact.

Hankook Tires makes the Ventus V2 Concept 2 (H457) as a basic high performance all-season tire that was built for coupes and sedans. That is to say, it also provides enhanced dry and wet traction.

This tire has a higher level silica compound to help on all types of road surfaces, this also increases ride comfort as well. With a direction pattern the H457 helps with braking, acceleration, and provides a quicker steering response.

The H457 is a performer in the wet providing excellent wet traction using a V-tread pattern to evacuate water from under the tire.

An area the H457 excels in is snow and ice by using a 3-D thread block and multiple sipes. However, it does not excel very well in rough winter conditions.

The engineers at Hankook Tire took the time to make the ride more comfortable by reducing road noise. That said, this tire is good for someone who wants to add a little bit more of a sporty look to their vehicle without sacrificing ride quality.

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Nexen N’Priz AH5 All SeasonNexen N'Priz Ah5

Manufacture: Nexen Tire

Model: N’priz Ah5 Standard Touring All Season

Price: $$

Rating: 50,000 Miles

Size: Sizes vary based on vehicle


  • Reputed brand.
  • Offers better traction.
  • Promises a good control.
  • Suitable in any weather.
  • Great highway performance.
  • Provide a smooth ride.



  • Not suitable for extreme weather.
  • Traction in deeper snow and on ice

Nexen Tire has designed the N’priz Ah5 Standard Touring All Season to be dependable. That being said, in all weather conditions this tire rides smooth and provides a comfortable ride.

Designed for vehicles ranging from small cars to crossover SUVs, the N’priz Ah5 Standard Touring All Season is a budget friendly tire. The all-season tread compound and symmetric tread pattern delivers a reliable dry traction and cornering stability.

The 4 large groves on the tread of the tire help to evacuate water and reduce a hydroplaning risk. However, traction on snow and ice is compromised which makes the Nexen N’priz Ah5 Standard Touring All Season tire a poor choice for winter driving.

Traction issues occur with winter road conditions especially with deep snow and hard packed ice or other severe conditions. That is to say, it is not much different from other all-season tires in the same extreme conditions.

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Goodyear Assurance® All-SeasonGoodyear Assurance All season

Manufacture: Goodyear Tires

Model: Assurance® All-Season

Price: $

Rating: 65,000 Miles

Size: Sizes vary based on vehicle


  • Great dry traction and handling.
  • Reduced road noise for overall smooth ride.
  • Comfortability at its best with these tires.
  • Budget friendly pricing.



  • Poor wet traction.
  • Tread life is not as good as expected.

Released in 2014 the Goodyear Assurance® All-Season was aimed at those who are budget conscious seeking an all season tire. This tire was built for vehicles ranging from small cars to minivans.

With a combined asymmetric tread pattern and all-season tread compound provides year round traction. The 4 grooves around the tire help to channel water away from the tire.

Multiple biting edges around the tire provide extra grip on snow and ice but this tire does not perform as well as competitors in these conditions.

Wet traction could be improved meaning this tire is better suited for dry conditions.


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Yokohama Avid Ascend LX™Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

Manufacture: Yokohama Tire

Model: Avid Ascend LX™

Price: $$$$

Rating: 85,000 Miles

Size: Sizes vary based on vehicle


  • Incredible tread life.
  • Quiet



  • Somewhat limited in sizes.

Yokohama Tire created the Avid Ascend LX™ created this tire and branched it off into 2 different tires the Ascend GT and the Ascend LX. This is not a standard All season tire, calling the Ascend LX a “standard” all-season tire is under-selling the tire for what you are getting.

With the same design of 4 grooves running around the tire, water evacuation under the tire is the same preventing hydroplaning. Holding a dense tread pattern that is designed to help with both wet and dry traction is what this tire was designed for.

A first-rate wet and dry weather grip provides better traction for snowy weather. That is all due to the 3-D sipes on the tread that help dig into the snow.

If you look closely at the tread you will notice different depths in the grooves on the tread, these help to cancel out most of the noise leaving the ride fairly quiet.

This tire was designed for modern crossovers and SUVs.


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Final Thoughts

All-season tires can be good tires if you live in a climate with little snow and ice. However, If you live in a climate that gets heavy snow, then winter tires are a better choice for you.

When tires are used in the winter the rubber compositions can become brittle and crack out easier causing dry rot to happen faster. A winter tire has a different rubber compound not only to help in deep snow and ice but to help from dry rotting faster.

Always remember to check you owners manual for the correct tire size for your vehicle and choose the tires that best fit your needs.

If you have had any experiences then leave me a comment and I will reply in a timely manor.
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